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Programme 2018

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Speakers 2018


Dear colleagues,


it’s been a while that we announced the date for the 8th European pole vault and high jump conference in Cologne. In the meantime we were active to once again present you a list of outstanding speakers from both science and practice. Please find some information about our first line up of top level speakers (in alphabetic order)


First line up of outstanding speakers.

James Bemiller

Besides others Jim coached 2004 Olympic champion in the pole vault, Timothy Mack, and the current NCAA record holder, Lawrence Johnson.

His athletes in the pole vault have broken the Olympic, World Athletic Final, American, American Junior, U.S. Olympic Trials, NCAA, and SEC records. Jim is the author of the chapter on pole vault training and technique in the most recent edition of the USATF Track and Field Coaching Manual.  He also serves on the U.S. Pole Vault Development Executive Staff and mentors young coaches and athletes.


Martin Bingisser

Martin Bingisser is the hammer throw coach for Swiss Athletics and Leichtathletik Club Zürich, where he has coached athletes to more than 20 national titles in the event. A hammer throw himself, he competed at the European Championships and was an 9 time Swiss champion. He is also a leading figure in coaches education and delivers weekly podcasts, articles, and training videos on coaching and athletic development for all sports through his company HMMR Media LLC (

David Butler
David works as a pole vault coach at Rice University with more than 40 years of vaulting experience. He is a member of the USA National Executive Staff, recognized as "The Father of the Texas High School Girls Pole Vault" and awarded by USA Track & Field for his "Contribution to the Development of the Pole Vault in the United States". You will also know him as a Pole Vault Historian and Originator of Facebooks, "The Vault: "How Bamboo, Steel and Fiberglass Changed our Lives"

Giulio Ciotti
Giulio is a 2,31m Italian high jumper and European and World championship finalist. Since 2000 he is coaching high jump. It started with coaching his brother Nicola before he became national coach of San Marino in 2010. In 2016 he became national coach for U23 team in Italy. He regularly posts his drills and exercises in the social media.


Herbert Czingon

Herbert is a well-recognized pole vault coach world wide, with a huge number of international vaulters. Coaching for more than 40 years now we worked with a huge number of international level athletes. He was Germany’s national pole vault coach, head of coach education and head coach of field events. Since 2012 he is national pole vault coach and head coach of field events in Switzerland. Besides that Herbert was the initiator and co-founder of the Cologne Pole Vault and High Jump symposium.


Fabian Hambüchen


Fabian is a legend in his sport gymnastics. He is a three time Olympic and 9 time World championship medalist. The career highlight was the Olympic title in Rio 2016 when finishing his career. His very long career was characterized by a couple of ups and downs and a serious number of injuries. But he always managed to come back and being in top shape when it counts – at the international major champs.


Brian Hanley

Dr. Brian Hanley is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics. Brian’s particular research interests are in the area of elite athletics. He is also interested in musculotendon profiling of athletes to appreciate internal limiting and contributing factors affecting performance, in addition to longitudinal studies measuring the technical development of junior athletes as they progress to become senior athletes.

Roman Jahoda

Roman was a member of the Austrian Judo National Team for 10 years and multiple Judo World Cup Winner. Now he is CEO of ComplexCore GmbH and author of  „ComplexCore – Core Stabilisation in Training and Therapy“. He works as a physiotherapist and fitness coach for several federations and is a highly recognized international speaker in various institutions.